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Monster Children Annual number... 15? We've kept the lights on for 15 years, so that must mean we've done 15 annuals. This 15th and most recent annual is the best, though; it's like a fruit basket from Liberace, only it's made of words and pictures. Monster Children #61 is brilliant, and your collection will be incomplete without it. In fact, not having issue #61 of Monster Children devalues every other issue in you've got lined up on the special shelf you built for copies of Monster Children. Not having this issue is like having all the different Voltron bits but not the head: worthless.

Issue #61 contains many, many things, including an interview with Cat Power (conducted by Susie Cave), a gallery and interview with legendary portrait photographer Eva Vermandel, a photo story featuring the Supreme skate team by Ben Colen, the runners-up and winners of our annual Photo Competition, a step-by-step guide to setting up a home darkroom with Andrew Peters, a nude picture of Vaughan Blakey and much, much more! Get it!