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If you’re reading in this in the sunburnt country (Australia; that’s what we call it sometimes), you will have noticed a recent uptick in your interest in tote bags. That’s because all the major supermarket chains and stores have done away with plastic bags and you gotta bring your own. That’s brilliant for the environment, and we’re very proud of our country for taking that step. If only we could sort out the whole racist thing. Oh well, baby steps. Anyways, check out this custom MC x PC Worship graphic printed on AS Colour 100% cotton canvas black tote. Gorgeous, isn’t it? And it’s 100% cotton canvas, which means it’s tough enough to carry all your bits. You and your bits. God love ya.

  • Reinforced shoulder straps with one, large main compartment
  • Mid weight 320GSM
  • Tote measures 37cm x 46cm