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We’ve teamed up with our good friends at Doomsday Store in Melbourne on this special and limited-edition capsule, ‘No Sympathy’.

Why ‘No Sympathy’? It’s a bit of a mantra of both Doomsday and Monster Children employees alike. I showed up to the Doomsday office in Melbourne for a beer and to talk shit about what priceless piece of art we should put on this here coffee mug. Upon arrival it was evident that some of the Doomsday staff had a massive night the previous evening—the feeling was mutual, I was pretty bloody hungover too.

We wandered over to Fitzroy institution and Doomsday watering hole of choice, the Labour In Vain. Not one person dared not come and everyone ordered a beer because no matter how great the hangover, no matter what time you stumbled into bed or the office, there would be no sympathy. We all understood you’ve gotta pay to play.

  • White ceramic mug
  • Custom MC x Doomsday front and back print