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For the cover story of this issue of Monster Children we were lucky enough to have Hedi Slimane travel to Hawaii to give us his perspective on the famed North Shore of Oahu. Cover number two was shot by Darren McDonald and features the lovely Alannah Walton, who's set to make it big in the modelling world (as you'll soon find out for yourself).

We also contacted some of our most cherished contacts, names like Mike D, Spike Jonze, and Craig Anderson, to find out who they’re backing to carry the torch in their respective fields. We ended up with a skater, a surfer, an artist, a bar, a brand, a band, and well, we’re rather pleased with our newly discovered gaggle.

Asides from scouring the globe for fresh blood, we’ve touched base with MC alumni Stef Mitchell to riff on the state of female art in the age of Trump, tuned in with Ryan Adams to get the inside track on his new album and new-look band, and learned how to make Bloody Marys. It’s the Monster Children handbook to living well!