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In his own words, Stanley Donwood is not many things: a clear thinker, a forward planner, a smart operator, an astute businessperson, a public speaker, or a responsible parent. He is, however, the art director (for want of a better title) of the well-known musical group called Radiohead, a gracious host, a talented, hilarious wordsmith, and a wonderful guest editor.

Issue 56 has been entirely curated by Stanley Donwood and features: a walk down memory lane as Stanley talks us through the cover art for his eight of the nine Radiohead album releases, excerpts from two of Stanley’s favourite authors (both dead) Richard Brautigan and Pascal Garnier (as well as two as yet unpublished short stories from your host), a chat with designer and music video director Chris Hopewell in his print shop in Bristol, and a journey through the influential and political leaning work of collective kennardphillipps, and much more.