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Monster Children 64 is so good you'll want to take off your clothes and rub it against your naked body while 'Goodbye Horses' plays in the background. Here's what's in it: Aussie actor (an actor in Monster Children? Yes, and he can cry on cue) Sam Smith tells us about his PTSD-inducing experiences while making the movie Jirga in Afghanistan; Jamie Thomas and Gilbert Crockett sit down for a cup of tea; world-famous sound system builder Devon 'Ojas' Turnbull shows us some speakers we'll never be able to afford; the artist, designer and musician Deaton Chris Anthony takes up skateboarding with Tony Hawk; Nordic pop sensation Girl in Red gives us the lowdown on being Nordic AND gay; then there's a special Sex, Porn & Tech feature by the sex pest—oops—sexpert Georgia Grace... and then there's a whole bunch of other stuff and hidden jokes and news about stuff and a scattering of ads.