Jonah Hill Guest Editor Collection

We’ve gone and appointed another guest editor again, and this time it’s…

Jonah Hill!

We know. It’s incredible. And during a pandemic, no less. God, we’re good. Over the last six months, we worked alongside Jonah to curate and create a mag overflowing with features, interviews, jokes, good-vibes, and cool stuff. What cool stuff? Well, for one, we dragged Steve Rocco out of retirement to create some funny full-page ads. Also, Jonah interviewed people like skate legend Elissa Steamer and CEO of the David Lynch Foundation Mr. Bob Roth! Also, also, hip hop industry legend Dante Ross wrote a stirring eulogy to MF Doom, Chico Brenes and Rick Howard went deep on their new love (surfing), Mike Gigliotti walks us through his life from birth to skate shop; Alex Olson raps with his yoga teacher, Kyle Miller; we get tubed with the Black Surfing Association, Chrissie Abbott designs the ‘positivity flavoured’ cover and then tells us about art ‘n’ stuff; the founder of Frog Skateboards tells us about frogs ‘n’ stuff, that kid from Mid90s tells us what he loves ‘n’ stuff and… what else… There’s a ton of stuff in there, and if you get the limited-edition box set, there’s even more stuff—and all of it thunk up by Jonah! 

Monster Children x Jonah Hill Guest Editor issue available now!
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